Luxury Yacht Charter Vessels

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Virgin Islands is a group of beautiful islands located between the Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean. Many people love the islands for their beautiful beaches. Politically, the islands are divided into British Virgin Islands and United States Virgin Islands. These islands are known for their friendly people, music and culture. Cruising on a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter into the Atlantic is one of the most popular holiday activities. It is a long-standing tradition to hire luxury yacht charters, especially in tourist destinations. Read more now on yacht broker mallorca


The first luxury yachts appeared in the 20th Century and were built for the wealthy tycoons living near the beaches of Europe and America. The Cox and Kings Yachts were among the first luxury yachts. Other early models included MY Christina and American Cup Classic. Luxury yachts have become more common in the 21st Century. Many businesses now offer luxury yacht charter services to hire our yachts. Luxury yachts over 24 meters in length are being produced.

The ‘Milk Run

Virgin Islands yacht charter boats are very common in the Mediterranean Sea. They are known to cruise the Mediterranean in summer and drift into the Caribbean in winter. The Virgin Islands Yacht Charter boats that travel between the two seas, are often referred to by the term ‘Milk Run.’ The yachts are not permanently docked in a country, but they must be registered at a port of that country and fly the flag. Some of these yachts, however, have never visited the ports in the country where they are registered. Yachts move from one port to another and, when they dock in a port, crews perform vessel maintenance and pick up their guests. The Virgin Islands host a ceremony known as the Charter Show every year just before winter. This event showcases different yacht designs and sizes.

Yacht Designs and Sizes

A 24 meter yacht is considered to be at the lower end of luxury yacht charters and does not include extra crew members except for the captain. Yachts up to 50 meters are usually equipped with crew, and they usually have a three-deck design. The yachts can accommodate 10-12 guests in luxury. Super large yachts have decks that are longer than 50 meters. Before docking, these boats are usually accompanied by a luxury charter yacht tender. These yachts are fully equipped with satellite communication, large screens for entertainment and other luxury features.

Yacht Makers and Owners

Citizens from all over the world own luxury yachts in the Virgin Islands. Owners hail from all over the world, including the United States, Western Europe and Australia. Luxury boat manufacturers also come from different countries, although top designers are from Europe. Ferretti, Azimut and Azimut-Benetti are some of the European yacht manufacturers. Virgin Islands Yachts are available in many different styles.