Modern Kitchen Equipment and Restaurants

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The ability to properly cook fish and create a delicious sauce is one of the best tests for a chef. Young chefs will be trained in these applications until they master them. Not everyone can be a sous chef, and not all chefs are able to present seafood that is cooked perfectly.

Rotaryana Prima Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment Jakarta have two different types of chefs. Chefs on ocean going yachts come in two varieties.

Many years ago, the Royal Navy held a once-a-year competition to determine the ship that had the best crew of chefs. An old captain who has sailed the globe for over three decades was the judge that year. The winner was a small ship with one chef. The twenty angry chefs from a huge aircraft carrier were enraged that their perfected barons of beef had not been awarded the prize.

The Captain informed them that, even though the crew had the best and latest commercial kitchen equipment on board and produced the best presentation of the meal possible, they still made the fatal error by removing the succulent beef from the steel oven.

On all ships today, war ships and cruise liners alike, you will find the very best in kitchen equipment. The professional crew, which may spend the entire shift on deck in adverse weather conditions, will find it essential to return to their warm galley for piping hot meals.

The modern kitchen equipment for large liners is designed by companies that are specialists. Their designs must take into consideration everything from the huge amounts of food being prepared in restaurants open 24 hours a day to things like ship-roll and heavy seas.

This latest cruise ship, recently introduced, has to accommodate 6,500 passengers plus 3,500 crew and entertainment staff. Commercial kitchen equipment has been installed in nine different restaurants.