Portuguese Water Dog: A Perfect Family Dog

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Portuguese water dogs have short coats, and their toes are webbed. It has less hair wavy than a standard poodle and smaller sizes. You can get the best Fresno Ohio Portuguese Water Dog Puppies for sale on our place.

Their coats are kinky, and curly. Some dogs have an irregular or wavy coat. They have an abnormal undercoat due to this congenital disorder. Portuguese Water Dogs are a large, powerful dog. The large, rounded head is about an inch longer than the muzzle. They meet with a level, or scissors, bite. The broad black nose. Webby feet help with swimming. The one-layered, thick coat may be curly and wavy. The colors of the coat are: black, brown, white or black with white polka dots. When it has been adequately exercised, a Portuguese waterdog will fit in well with a small flat. This dog will need a smaller garden and is able to stay active in the house. If the weather is temperate, this plant will survive outdoors.

General Appearance
Height: Male dogs-: 19-23 inches (48-59 cm)

Female dogs 16-20 inches (41-52 cm)
Weight: Male dogs-: 40-54 pounds (17-25 kg)

Female dogs 34-49 pounds (14-22 kg)

The Portuguese dog water should be bathed frequently and combed. Initial coat type doesn’t determine what trimming they will be put into. It’s a matter of personal choice. This breed can be hypoallergenic. This coat has little or no shedding. Because the coat of a poodle expands much more slowly, it does not require constant trimming.

Portuguese waterdogs are highly active and work dogs. They have a great deal of endurance. For them to feel satisfied, they must be given daily tasks that are both physical and mentally demanding. You must make the dog walk with you while on a jog. It is an excellent companion to jog with. The dogs have a lot of energy and require owners that can give them plenty mental and physical stimulation. It is important to remember that a highly intelligent canine will not hesitate to act out if the owner knows they are more intellectual than they.

Portuguese Water Dogs are very loyal. They also have a lively disposition. They can make you laugh. Families are important to them. They can get along with other dogs and animals and with children. They’re intelligent and highly trainable. When you learn how to communicate, it’s easy to train this breed. House dogs, they are. Their sense of scent is excellent. Suitable for a variety of dog sports. They are known for chewing.