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7 Simple Side Hustles For Single Moms

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Hundreds of people asked for help this holiday season. Single moms are often the ones who need help. There was just not enough money for one or more reasons to get through the month, let alone buy food and gifts for Christmas. Many moms have a disability or are underemployed. It’s a tragedy that they didn’t cause their children to have a miserable Christmas. Helpful hints!

There were many Good Samaritans who helped families in difficult times. The kindness of other people will ensure that most kids wake up to find toys, clothes and hot food on the table at Christmas. The holiday will be memorable for all, but the single mother still needs to deal with the 364 other days in the year. What will happen to the rest of the days? What is in store for the next year? What can I change to improve my life and that of my family?

You can make more money either by getting a part-time second or third job, or using the skills you already have. These seven ways of making extra cash can help you cover short-term or long term financial requirements.

Baking Most mothers can make cookies, brownies or other sweets. You can make money by selling your specialties to people in your area. You can bake for people who cannot, and they will pay you to bake their holiday treats.

Holiday helper- This is the season of parties and your hosts will need you to assist them. Hire yourself to assist with the party set-up, decoration, and cleanup afterward. Post an advertisement on Craigslist or your local newspaper to offer your services. Your services can be contracted throughout the entire year.

Errand service- Many people are too busy to do their own errands. They need someone else’s hands and feet. Ordering items for parties or personal use, picking up dry-cleaning, and paying bills in person. Also, shopping for tickets, food or gifts is a valuable service. You can advertise in newspapers or tell everyone that you provide this service. Flyers can be displayed at local supermarkets, gyms, and other places where professionals congregate.

Services If you love pets, you could provide valuable services for people in need of dog walking, pet-sitting, and waste management. People will spend more to ensure their pet is well taken care of. The health and wellbeing of your dog is dependent on you walking it. Owners don’t want to abandon their pet at a boarding facility when they go on a weekend trip. The pet can stay at your house or you can go to their home. It is a chore that no one enjoys, but has to be completed. Your pet waste collection service could be a great way to earn extra money.