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Feminine Energy: What You Need to Know

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As men and women, we all know the concept of masculine and feminine. But there’s much more. The energies that we are familiar with have existed for a long time. Click this link https://www.yourhighesttruth.com/feminine-energy/dark-feminine-energy-vs-light-feminine-energy-7-ancient-keys.

Although we perceive these energies as being different they are actually just two aspects of the same energy – different yet similar. The two energies fight each other, but at the same they are interdependent. We have witnessed a revival of female energy in the last fifty to one hundred years. Women are now empowered, and they have been able to leave behind the quiet background that history had left for them. The feminine energy of every woman differs in much the same way as the uniqueness of each woman. We know little, however, about how the concept originated.

In both the Bible and Darwinist history, women have always been present. Eve was next to Adam just like cave woman had probably been picking up dirty animal skins thrown by cave man on the floor.

The feminists will have you believe that we women were forced to be in the men’s shoes from this point on, even though we did not do so. According to many ancient texts, this continual swinging between masculine and feminine energies is what we experience.

Ancient Egypt was a society where women were allowed many of today’s freedoms. They could be property owners, run for political office and hold most positions. The ancient Egyptian society had a perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies. Once the masculine took over, the Egyptian Empire collapsed. You could say that the shift began around this period, as the male energies took over. Think of all the conquering empires which followed, including the Greek, Roman and Ottoman.

Many ancient religions, societies, and cultures recognized that the female energies were important, and even worshiped them alongside their masculine counterparts. It was then suppressed for centuries. Constantine literally rewrote it to get rid of the sexism. Feminine energies encompass aspects of peace and home. Laura Pearson states that “the feminine energy is like fire.” This fire is warm and can bring an intimacy to the room.

It produces light.” It is at its heart, nurturing. Simply by being, we nurture others. After making it nearly shameful to be feminine, the world lacks in this nurturing. Lack of balance is causing more wars and discord.